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1. Rifle and Pistol range hours are as follows:

  • Open daily during the off-seasons and on Sundays.

  • Open fall bow, muzzle loader and winter bow seasons

  • Closed during shotgun deer season (Dates will be posted at the range each year)

  • Archery range is closed during shotgun deer season, with the exception of the practice area (Dates will be posted at the range each year)

2. Vehicle traffic is closed to the gun range anytime the range is not open for use, except to pick up dead deer or by disabled persons.

3. No horse play on any range at any time.

4. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Check ammunition designed for your gun.

6. No shooting of glass, bottles, cans, or club property permitted on ANY range.

(Only approved targets.)

7. Report any damage to ranges in log book at clubhouse.

8. Do not mount targets on posts or cross rails.

9. Clean up all trash and targets when finished shooting.

10. Pick up all empty shells and place in trash cans.

11. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  on any range at any time.

12. Gun range will be closed during shotgun hunter safety course, but will be opened to instructors and students involved.

13. Danger flag must be raised when gun range is in use.

14. No illegal weapons are permitted on club property. 

15. Shooting is permitted on designated ranges only.

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